37″ Indoor Plant Floor Stand

(70 customer reviews)


Allow three weeks for production time

  • 37″ tall
  • 13″x6″ base
  • Basket hangs 20″
  • Holds 6″ pot
  • For local pickup in Vancouver, WA use code LOCALPICKUP at checkout
  • All products are made by hand to order and ship in no more than 2 weeks

70 reviews for 37″ Indoor Plant Floor Stand

  1. levy102

    The piece is perfect. The only downside was it was easily knocked over bc the pot was heavy. so just had to position it in a way that it wouldn’t fall over. So I suggest doing a very light/small plant. But the piece is beautiful and my daughter loved it as a gift for her. highly recommend.

  2. luckybuddhist

    Fantastic customer service, super fast and friendly response to query re: (my error) incorrect overseas delivery address.

  3. Kari

    it’s absolutely beautiful! I love it!

  4. samenzies

    THis plant stand is Beautiful! Very good quality . It is a wonderful accent in my home.

  5. Natalie

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. James D Cates

    I have been searching for the perfect stand for my beautiful Arcosanti Solieri bell, made right here in Arizona. I did not want to drill holes in my wall, nor did I want the bell outside. This makes a beautiful bell or chime stand! The color is beautiful and it is very sturdy.

  7. Ivy

    This product was heavier and more well made than I thought it would be.It’s sturdy and really eye catching in my window.Thanks

  8. skysmyfaith

    Thank you so much! Got it here faster than Expected! Beautiful! Exactly as advertised. I love it so much! Thanks again ❤️

  9. Maureen

    Loooove it! This seller is super responsive and incredibly talented!

  10. Nan

    This is a well-made and sturdy piece that I will enjoy for a long time. Plus, it was easy to put together. Just looking for the right plant and planter to give the piece even more of a wow factor.

  11. Wendi

    Super cute! I do wish it was a bit taller but my fault for not paying enough attention to the item measurements. Love how unique this stand is!

  12. Anna

    I love this plant stand- its unique and sturdy. Very well made.

  13. Cindy

    This piece of art is beautiful and elegant, I love it so much, I will definitely purchase another one in a few more months when I save a little more.

  14. Elizabeth

    So beautiful!!

  15. stephmlove1

    This item came shipped nicely wrapped and the seller was very communicative. I love the piece, so unique.

  16. Faith

    Perfect for holding my larger air plant! Very sturdy and looks great.

  17. Erna Giles Smith

    High quality wood. Stylish and elegant. Even more gorgeous than I could have expected. Can’t wait to buy more items from this vendor.

  18. crsquires

    Love it! A larger size would be another purchase for me!

  19. Lauren

    This product is stunning! Looks exactly like the pictures…beautifully crafted. Highly recommend!

  20. Renee

    So great! Love love love.

  21. Madison

    This is exactly what I was looking for! It is beautifully made, I haven’t set it up yet but when I do I will add a picture!

  22. jrmittle

    I love the design of this plant stand. It looks so cool with a long-leaved plant dangling between the ropes. However, and this may be how we assembled it, the stand is a bit precarious and tips over very easily. We tried it on both carpet and hard wood and the result was the same, the slightest tap and the whole thing will fall over. We will try to weigh down the base, because I want to keep using this stand, it’s so cute! But unfortunately, not as is. One unexpected good thing though, it scared the cats when it toppled, and now they leave the plants alone!

    Edit- hours after posting this review, the shop owner reached out to help me make things right. Phenomenal customer service!

  23. Teresa

    Beautiful and easy to assemble!!

  24. Annette

    Wow, It is awesome quality, great woodwork and color, Love it very much, was packed very well, arrived sooner expected! Thank you for this and the messages! 💚🌱❤️

  25. Amy

    Better than expected! Extremely pleased!

  26. Logan

    This piece is wonderful for plants which overhang their pots, such as ivy, string of pearls/dolphins, and pothos. The wood is incredibly sturdy, stained beautifully, and I especially love the pattern of the hanging strings!

  27. cwycislak

    This is a really beautiful piece. Thank you for making it for me!

  28. Monessa

    This is beautiful! I absolutely love it! It’s sturdy and very very good quality.

  29. sarahafele99

    Looks great! Love the way my plant fits and a different type of holder.

  30. Greymom

    Beautiful! Well made and easy to put together. Arrived safely packaged as well.

  31. Angela

    Love this plant stand. Great quality work !

  32. Kristy

    Love, love, love this ! Love the quality of the wood and the color. Thank you!!

  33. Megan

    Absolutely love it! A great solution for having more plants than I have space for.

  34. twhitmire1

    Beautifully made plant stand! It’s just what I was looking for. Great product and service. Thank you.

  35. doorsandsardines

    So beautiful and unique, I just love it!

  36. Tamia M Harper

    This item is beautifully crafted and really compliments my home decor. It’s very sturdy and it was very easy to assemble the two pieces. I would buy more of these in larger sizes!

  37. Ursula

    The stand is beautiful and sturdy. It turned out even better than I hoped.

  38. Scott Rixson

    Super cool and unique. Thank you!

  39. David

    Beautiful piece. Now I just need to find the plant for it. Thanks!

  40. Kevin

    I couldn’t be happier! So gald I found this little gem.

  41. Maggie

    Absolutely wonderful piece! Been wanting this for a LONG time and I finally got it and I’m so glad I did!! It’s so beautiful and well crafted

  42. Marchelle

    Need a taller stand and wider holder. I do love it, just can’t puts starter in the holder.

  43. Tanya

    It’s gorgeous! Even nicer in person! I love it!

  44. Abby

    This plant stand is beautiful and fits my spider plant perfectly!

  45. Lindsay

    Very well built and beautiful! I bought this as a house warming gift and plan to order more in the future as gifts!

  46. fdunaway

    Love it!

  47. Lisa

    The stand is exactly what I was looking for! The area where the plant sits was cut a little too deeply so the pot only touches in two spots. But I can put some washers in there if I ever feel that it needs more support.

  48. Jacqueline

    These are really beautiful. I ordered after seeing them at a friends house and am super happy with quality and looks. And no need for holes in the wall. Ships flat with just a couple of screws to pop in place.

  49. Coleen

    The piece is gorgeous, the seller stayed in regular communication with me about my order status, and for a handmade piece the price was right!

  50. Micaela

    It was super easy to put together and now I just have to figure out a plant to put on it 🙂

  51. Jennifer

    Such a unique and quality made plant stand.

  52. Hedjewahl

    I AM IN LOVE… It is so beautiful. I will definitely purchase again, it’s perfect. Delivery was exactly as told too.

  53. Kelly

    Selller reached out to me once they realized we were both based in the same city, and then refunded my shipping costs. The plant stand itself is beautiful and completely stable. Very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend.

  54. speharteresa

    Beautiful pieces for my house!

  55. Stuart

    I am blown away. It took a little while to get here, no fault of wood & soil. It takes two minutes to put together and it is just perfection. I would love them to make huge ones. They are like art pieces. Well done!!! A definite favorite store and I will be ordering again soon.

  56. megan

    Just LOVE this planter! I don’t even think my photos do it justice. Very easy to assemble and just perfect.

  57. bogibothazi

    absolutely wonderful craftsmanship. beautiful and i love it!

  58. Kathleen Hoffman-Hart

    Absolutely beautiful work! Thank you so much!

  59. Kristi

    I’m obsessed.😍 I absolutely love my plant stand….& will be purchasing other items from them in the future. Thank you so much!💗🥰

  60. isabelle

    Beautiful piece, came quickly and in great shape. Super simple to put together and absolutely worth every penny!

  61. gweigwei

    It is so beautiful! Very well made. Thanks!

  62. heatherwalkerrrr

    So much more beautiful than I could have imagined! I was kind of skeptical because I thought it would be small for the price, but it’s much larger than I thought and it’s such a great deal! The quality of the whole piece is amazing, incredible wood work, easy to assemble, and the fact that it comes with a handmade macrame hanger is awesome as well! Will definitely be buying more things from this shop 🙂

  63. Allie

    This hanging plant stand is never leaving my life! It is truly heirloom material. Such a cool design–both functional and fun. I already have a few people I want to buy it for as gifts! This is a piece that is sure to get lots of compliments and will also house my plant happily. Thank you WoodandSoil for another epic design! (You can see the other beloved two stands I have of theirs in the background of the photo!)

  64. Melissa

    Beautifully crafted.

  65. Maiah Alman

    I absolutely adore this product! Highly recommend, amazing quality and so easy to put together.

  66. Allysa

    Beautiful stand! I love it!

  67. ymedina47

    Love this piece, looks beautiful on my balcony!

  68. Kate

    So beautiful! I love this stand.

  69. connieprince2

    Such an beautiful plant holder

  70. Julie

    Well made and super cute!

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